Small Refrigerated Trailer for Sale

Looking for a Small Refrigerated Trailer for Sale? For great deals on a quality Small Refrigerated Trailers built to last decades not just years call us at (770) 637-1038. A "great deal" starts with a quality product at a fair to good price. We start with quality by encouraging you to see the construction of our trailers while others don't want to show you. Our trailers are over engineered to handle heavy loads. Polar Temp got their start building refrigerated trailers for the demanding ice delivery industry and this experience serves as the backbone of their updated line.

5'x10' /w Racks

Refrigerated Trailer 5x10 with Racks

With or Without

Small Refrigerated Trailer 5x10

Small Refrigerated Trailer Uses

Entrepreneurs buy our trailers for local deliveries and over the road transport of smaller loads. Restaurants and commercial appliance repair companies rent them for storage when their normal refrigeration need repairs. Suppliers use them to deliver larger quantites of seafood, meat, produce, fruit and ice cream. Others buy and rent small refrigerated trailers for restaurant emergancies, special events and occasions such as festivals, family reunions, sporting events, scouting and camping activities and have plans for owners to rent theirs when unused. Others have website that offer rental options of commercial equipment including restaurant equipment rental.

Most units are powered by 115 volt and can be adjusted to either freezer or cooler trailers. We also offer sub-zero freezer trailers that can reach -20°Financing and shipping options available. Other options include: generators, curtains, dual refrigeration units, spare tire, rear trailer steps, chassis paint options, diamond plate trailer trim, diamond plate trailer tongue, breakaway system.

What to Look for in Small Refrigerated Trailers

When looking to buy a small refrigerated trailer quality determines the value of the investment. A 10% savings on a poor quality refrigerated trailer will cost you much more in additional repairs and a shortened life of the trailer. From the ground up know the features of each brand you’re comparing. From the tires and the wheels to the axles and frame know the specifics about each one. Then compare the transport box including the frame along with the outer and inner skin.  Know the insulation the hinges and the locks. Know how the skin is fastened to the frame and the transit box to the trailer. Then of course, know about the refrigeration unit.


Overloading small refrigerated trailers can be dangerous as well as causing more repairs and reduced life expectancy for the trailer. Unfortunately, some small refrigerated trailer manufacturers use tires, wheels and axles way too small for the size of the transport box. We know of manufacturers that use dual 3500-pound axles when dual 5200-pound axles should be used for the size of the trailer. Other manufacturers use single axle setups for transit boxes that need much larger axles. Make sure you buy a trailer that will handle more of the load you than you expect. Meat weighs more than flowers and bread. It all starts with the axles!


When you put undersize axles on a more flexible frame your problems simply compound. Frames can be manufactured in many different styles of steel. Tubular steel is the strongest. All other forms offer more flexibility and some much more flexibility. That flexibility stresses all of the anchor points on the transport box as well as all connections within the transport box.  Other manufacturers use aluminum frames which compounds the flexing problem even more. When they use aluminum frames they stress aluminum doesn’t rust, which is true, but aluminum corrodes just like steel which is the only metal that rusts. Galvanized steel frames offer decades of service to help prevent rusting.. Powder coating frames offers life expectancies that provide the best investment.

Transport Boxes

If the transport box is riveted all of that flexibility from the frame stressed the rivet points and enlarging the holes tearing the interior and exterior skin.  Worse, some manufacturers use of wood in their transport boxes while others have fiberglass skins. Are the inside walls galvanized?Do the outside walls offer protection that have proven protection lasting decades?Are the hinges and locks built strong enough to provide decades of service? Do the doors have two hinges or three?

Refrigeration Units

Refrigeration units can be the most frequent problem with many refrigerated trailers because of the abuse inflicted in transit. Look for a manufacturer that has years of experience with mobile refrigeration units so they have the bugs worked out. There's a vast difference in the refrigeration units used in refrigerated trailers. Some manufacturers literally use window air conditioners. Others simply by foreign-made refrigeration units. Does the manufacturer build time-tested mobile refrigeration units?


Features are important, however, they need to be placed in the proper importance. For most people quality comes first.What features are standard or offered as options? Or are they even offered at all?

Ensure that any refrigerated trailer you buy can operate as a cooler or freezer trailer. Unless you know that you’re only going to be transporting frozen goods such as ice cream which must be stored at much lower temperatures most owners need trailers which can operate in a variety of different temperatures. If you need a trailer which can handle the lower temperatures for ice cream look for a higher 220-volt refrigeration unit.

Trailer tongue jack, safety chains, breakaways brakes, spare tires, step bumpers, pallet guides, interior lights, exterior lights, generators, tongue plates, chassis paints, box paints, diamond plate trim, trailer tow lock, trailer license plate and lights, temperature gauges. These are all features that need to be examined to know if they are standard or options.


All of these problems accumulate more repairs and a life expectancy 75% to 50% less than high quality trailers. Truly some small refrigerated trailers will fail after five years whereas high quality and higher quality trailers regularly last 10, 15 and 20 years.  The repairs alone during that time make the real value the highest quality trailers. Are the features standard or options? Not only will they last you longer but in the event of resale they will provide a higher return on investment.

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