Morgue Trailer

Looking for Morgue Trailers available for Coronavirus Crisis? Our 5x10 will hold 8 average corpes, our 7x10 will hold 12 and our 7x16 24. As of 4/27/2020 we have 1 5x10 available, 2 more 5x10 and 1 - 7x10 available about 4/30/2020. This month we have delivered 5x10's, 7x10 and 7x16. Just call us at (770) 637-1038 for for more information & fast service.

Mobile Morgue Trailer

Society is changing fast and many communities are finding needs for alternative morgue options. Corners and funeral homes need the alternatives we offer. Call us at (770) 637-1038. We start with quality by encouraging you to see the construction of our trailers others don't want to show you. Our trailers are over engineered to handle heavy loads. Polar Temp got their start building refrigerated trailers for the demanding ice delivery industry and this experience serves as the backbone of their updated line.

Models include:


Our Mobile Morgue Trailers are built to last decades not just years. They can be maintained at temperatures for months or years until needed and then, with the generator option, maintain that temp “on site” as needed.

115 volt 20 amp that can be adjusted to either freezer or cooler trailers. Options include: generators, curtains and more.


Cost of the 5x10 rack is $3,500, the 7x10 rack is $5,000 & the 7x16 rack is $12,500. While the size of the person makes a difference how many can be held, generally the 5x10 will hold 8, the 7x10 will hold 12 and the 7x16 24. Units delivered in emergencies that have wire restaurant racks are 48" or 60". Narrower widths are balanced by the opportinity to stack higher. 4 or 5 shelves are delivered with each rack.

The man below is 6'2" 350lbs in a 5x10 rack.

Cadaver Rack

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