Polar Temp Refrigerated Trailers

We believe that Polar Temp refrigerated trailers are the highest quality small refrigerated trailers available today. When comparing specific to specific no other trailer manufacture offers a higher quality specific than Polar Temp. While Polar Temp offers all the major features and benefits any other small refrigerated trailer manufacture offers there may be specific features which other trailer manufacturers focus on.

Sheet-Metal and Foam Expanded Poly Styrene Panel Construction.  Pre-painted Ceram-A-Star® steel exterior and galvanized G90 interior are used because of their long-lasting strength and durability. These panels are securely joined at the wall joints with tongue and groove and cam locks and with Very High Bond (VHB) double-sided tape. 3M™ VHB™ tapes are high strength bonding tapes and proven alternatives to screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners. Unlike screws or rivets-which join materials at a single point-high strength bonding tape permanently at here adheres one substrate to another while spreading the stress across the entire length of the joint. Once the materials are joined with 3M™ VHB™ tape a virtually indestructible weld is created. Fiberglass wood trailers along with other converted trailers may not be as strong and durable. Additionally, wall, ceiling, floor, door and frame foam thickness is 4 inches giving an average 28.8 insulating R-value and giving extra support at the area that gets the most abuse.

Sheet Metal and Foamed-In-Place Polyurethane Construction. Pre-painted Ceram-A-Star® steel exterior and G90 galvanized interior are used because of their long-lasting strength and durability and well-known in the insulated storage container industry. Fiberglass, wood frame and other converted trailers are not as strong and durable and are not designed to withstand the rigors of the road. Additionally, wall, ceiling and floor foam thickness is 3 inches giving an average 20.1 insulating R-value. The door and door frame area are 4 inches thick giving extra support in the area of the transport that gets the most abuse and gives an average 26.8 insulating R-value

Polar temp, the innovation leader, offers a full line of refrigerated transport that focus on quality and are backed with many years of experience in the industry. Each product is tested to ensure that every component is ready to tackle the rigors of the road, the demands of the environment and most importantly the requirements of our customers.
Models include:

Quality is designed and engineered into each transport produced at Polar Temp’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Austell Georgia. Every Polar Temp model features a solid-steel construction trailer with durable epoxy coating, a ceramic star high-performance box finish, quality polyurethane foam insulation foamed in place at our facility, heavy-duty commercial hardware and a weatherized are 404A refrigeration system.

With 46 models to choose from and capacities ranging from 61 ft.³ to 555 ft.³, you are sure to find the right transport for all your special events and delivery needs. You can purchase the Polar Temp transport with a perfectly match trailer in a range of colors. Other options include an electric generator that can be used for long distance, “over the road” freezing and refrigeration, a diamond tread trim and trailer decking for increase durability, and many more contact our sales department for more information on our full line of optional transport features.

All Polar Temp products are designed, engineered and manufactured according to the strictest of specifications and standards, guaranteeing product quality, safety and reliability.

Insulated Floor with Added Support.  Polar Temp transport floors have added strength by using 2” x 6” treated wood clad with metal assembly at the sides and center of the floor. Then, additionally, to this verse the product weight load the floor has a .080” tread brite aluminum skid resistant sheet the entire floor area.

Powered by Standard 115 V (15 amp) Current. ½ HP systems powered by are 15 amp circuits. ¾ HP systems are powered by 20 amp circuits. Also, Polar Temp refrigeration systems can be powered by an optional generator. Generators available include an 8000 W run with 10,500 W start-up capacity for the 1/2 horsepower systems and a 10,000 W run with a 13,500 W start-up capacity.

Generator and Utility Storage Box Mounting Plate. Our sturdy extended tongue design provides a mounting area for a utility storage generator box. The storage area is perfect for storing tools, power cords, etc. and is lockable. (Generator and heavy-duty extension cord sold separately.)

Foam insulation: Ratings listed above are recited as a result of independent lab testing per DOE specifications. Our insulation ratings listed above are based on an average taken at 3 different temperature ranges therefore the average is recited in the statements above. R-Values range from 6.3 per inch to 8.1 per inch depending on the foam used in Polar Temp’s application and design size shown above. As a result of quality foam insulating products, both rigid extruded panels and foamed in Place process, our units will pull down to temperature faster, stay cold or and use less energy.

Auto Electric Defrost System. Polar Temp uses an 800 W electric defrost system that is time initiated and time or temperature terminated. Depending on the system desired, defrost duration cycles can be adjusted by the customer. Electronically controlled systems are programmed at the manufacturing facility and are normally set to defrost every 60 minutes of the compressor run time for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of of 25 or terminated at 55° in the evaporator coil area whichever comes first. Those systems incorporating an electronic control system also have fault cold code systems that identify several possible component failures such as “defrost termination sensor” or “air sensor”. Additionally, the electronic control offers the “voltage protection” feature which in the event of low-voltage or high-voltage will save clock costly premature compressor failures.

Polar Temp Standard Refrigeration Systems. Polar temp keeps it simple, yet reliable, dependable and durable. All refrigeration systems use thermal expansion valves adding to the efficiency of the R404 a refrigerant system Copeland brand K bodies semi hermetic compressors are standard. Heat Exchangers used increase efficiency meaning the same refrigerant capacity can be produced with smaller exchange surfaces at the condenser and evaporator, with associated reduction in piping volume, I. E. A higher level heat exchange efficiency means smaller systems and lower refrigerant charge. Assembly of our own refrigeration systems means better control over quality producing dependable long-lasting leakfree refrigeration systems. All piping is made of reap reliable copper tubing. The condenser and evaporator are made of copper tube and aluminum fin giving efficient heat transfer.

Mechanical or Digital Electronic Controls. Both mechanical control and electronic control types are available. Some in-depth information is described above in the Auto Electric Defrost description above; however, many of the same functions are available when a cold wall system is desired.

Storage Area Strip Curtains. Polar temp offers strip curtains to be used at the entry door resulting in reduced heat load infiltration in the storage area saving you money as a result. No add-on here. Strip curtains keep the cold air in and the hot air out while loading and unloading.

Interior and Auxiliary Lighting. Both 12 and 120 V interior lighting is available for the interior of the trailer. Also, a spotlight is available for exterior lighting.

Axles. The safest and most proven suspension system available comes with springs and equalizers. This allows all 4 tires to remain in contact with the road. All 2 axle trailers come standard with electronic brakes. Easy lube hubs allow you to grease the bearings without disassembly.

Tires and Wheels. White painted corrosion resistant wheels that exceed the rated capacity of the trailer are standard. Highest-quality tires are used to match trailer capacity. These properly matched accessories eliminate the possibility of sway. Wheels are fastened adequately with 6 or 8 lug nuts depending on the axle load capacity.

Fender Wells. All steel fender wells are welded in place and then primed and painted forming a truly unitized fender. They are then securely bolted to the trailer frame.

Chassis. Heavy-duty 2” x 4” x 0.25” or 2” x 5” x 5/16” tubular steel main rails with 3” x 3” x 0.25” steel angle cross members combined to form a robustly constructed trailer frame.

Chassis Paint. We wipe the trailer substrate with a high-grade grease and wax remover. Then we sand the trailer frame with 80 grit sandpaper and smooth areas such as fenders we sand with 180 grit sandpaper. Again we repeat the preparation process with grease and wax remover. After the metal is clean and free of oil and other contaminants we apply a corrosive resistant primer with a catalyst and the final step is to apply the color topcoat with a catalyst of your choice. Our paint is a marine grade durable coating.

Hitch Jack. A slide or top wind tongue Jack with a foot rated at 7000 pounds static and 5000 pounds lift is located at the hitch allowing easy raising and lowering for hookup and disconnect from your vehicle.

Signal, Stop and Marker Lights. A standard 7 pin trailer light kit is used and fits most new vehicles today.

Break-a-Way Kit. Another important safety feature is the Break-Away Kit that in the event of the trailer coming detached from the vehicle, the Break-a-Way kit powered separately from the polling vehicle activates the trailer brakes.

Hitch Assembly. In order transfer hitch assembly stress into the main chassis and into the superstructure, we extend the tubular steel “A” frame hitch to the front of the chassis where it is welded securely to the heavy tubular front cross member. The weight capacity of our trailer requires the use of a 2 5/16” ball.

Frame Radius Corners. The steel tubes used for the trailer chassis incorporate radius corners to add strength and are an integral part of most edges on the trailer structure.

Body Mounting. Trailer bodies are mounted securely between the tubular steel frames of the trailer with ½ inch diameter bolts. Robust ¼ inch aluminum angle wall bumpers are used at each side of the exterior were bolts extend through the floor to the heavy angle iron supports of the trailer.