Freezer Trailers for Sale

Polar Temp manufactures freezer trailers that are both durable and beautiful.  These freezer trailers are able to maintain frozen products at -20° onsite or in transit.  Ideal for local delivery yet comfortable “over the road.” Built to handle pallets yet many options are available to customize it to your needs.  We can even have your graphics included.  Ready to roll the day it’s delivered.  Just give us a call @ (770) 637-1038 to speak with a knowledgeable specialist.

We use Heatcraft compressor units. When you need to maintain that -20° range Heatcraft is recognized as one of the best and easiest to repair with parts available throughout the US. Most HVAC technicians can provide the service needed with many parts needed may be on his truck. When parts are needed, they are reasonably priced and readily available.

Each freezer trailer is usually customisable

Freezer Trailer Rental

Many of our freezer/cooler trailers are used in the rental industry to supply emergency refrigeration to restaurants as well as others requiring temporary freezer/cooler capacity.  The onboard generator makes it a perfect option for remote locations and is equally comfortable operating from 115 volts 20-amp service.

Pull Behind Freezer Trailer

Suppliers use our pull behind freezer trailers for economical yet durable and easy to maneuver compared to other options such as box trucks or larger trailers.  They are economical and small enough to be stored for regular on site use yet quickly deployed when needed.  Whether used at local farmers markets or rolling down the road many small businesses are finding it the perfect option to fill their needs. Again, just give us a call to speak with a knowledgeable specialist.  We look forward to your excitement when we deliver your Polar Temp freezer trailer.

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