Hanging Meat Rail

Small Hanging Meat Trailers for Sale

Looking for small hanging meat trailers for sale? We manufacture small hanging meat trailers customized to meet your specific needs. Available in sizes from 3’x7’ to 7’x16’. The 3’x7’ to 5’x10’ run on 115 v 20 amp electric that can plug in at your home. We provide 21 standard options plus custom options. Just 16 inches from the ground to the trailer floor provide easy access, but a step bumper is available to make use even easier. We can provide galvanized or stainless-steel interiors with diamond plate floors. A generator, on the tongue, and water tanks and pumps, provide the needed utilities for professional operation in a remote location or transit. Just review the “Options” tab to see the standard options.

Most Popular Options

Step Bumper
Strip-Barrier Curtains
Spare Tire Rack

We provide custom options such as hook and rails for meat and framing engineered to match. Meat hooks for butchering and hanging rails that can cantilever out over the ground or concrete help keep the interior clean or make transferring easier. Removable walk-in cooler shelving units are available adapted for meat trailers to hold meat parts or boxes when the hook and rails aren’t used or can be part of the other areas.

Walk-in Deer Coolers

These also make excellent walk-in deer coolers and freezers. Deer hanging systems with gambrels make an unbeatable match with the rails. Take the party with you going in for the hunt as they are used regularly for cold storage, including food and beverages. Rent it out the rest of the year when you’re not using it!

A History of Quality

These trailers, originally built for the ice industry, which are notorious for abusing and being overloading their trailer. These are NO cheap “homemade” deer coolers. Twenty years of success in the ice industry ensures our trailers are built to hold the weight you will be carrying for many years. The refrigeration system is time tested to last many years without any repairs. The compressor, built by Emmerson Copeland, one of the most prominent manufacturers in the US, provides the heart of the system. But when repairs are needed most of the parts are on the truck of HVAC technicians that can perform the needed repairs easily, because of easy access and at reasonable prices.

From the tires and axles to the Ceram-A-Star® finish on the box, take the time to learn why there are no higher quality Hanging Meat Trailers.