Morgue Refrigerator, Morgue Cooler

Exterior Morgue Refrigerator, Morgue Cooler

Need an outside morgue refrigerator or exterior morgue cooler to store 8 Covid bodies outside? This is the same lockable transport box that is used with our refrigerated trailers lasting over 20 years. The inter is galvanized steel and the exterior is #20 G90 galvanized steel with a Ceram-A-Star® finish used on metal roofs and known to last 25 to 50 years. This cooler uses standard 115-volt 20-amp service that can be adjusted to either freezer or cooler and is set to 38°. The refrigeration unit has a 20-year history using American made Copeland compressors that have parts readily available. 12 and 24 body coolers are available. Financing and shipping options available.

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