Medium - 25 ft³

Front opening models to be mainly used on board of light commercial vehicles. Digital display, HACCP/ Bluetooth interface available as an accessory.

Nissan NV200 Refrigerated Van Box

Model Name Article NR Capacity
(Cubic Feet)
Temperature Range
(Degrees F)
List Price (USD)
F0720 NDN 816016/0 25.4 190 00 down to 32F $5,797.00
F0720 NDH 816016/2 25.4 190 00 from 86F to 32F $6,430.00
F0720 FDN 816016/1 25.4 190 00 down to -11F $7,216.00
F0720 FDH 816016/3 25.4 190 00 from 86F to -11F $8,514.00

Data Sheet
FDN Dimensions Sheet
NDN Dimensions Sheet
FDH Dimensions Sheet
NDH Dimensions Sheet

Medium - 25 ft³

This 720 refrigerated van box is ideal for the Nissan NV200. I fits in the back.

This unit is best for ice cream and gelato. Because it is a little smaller it can hold the lower temperature of -11°.